Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Minimum Qualifications for PMP & CAPM:

For PMP certification:

  • The candidate needs to have atleast a Bachelor’s Degree, and 4500 hours of experience in leading and managing projects.
  • Candidate must have attended formal project management training for at least 35 hours.
  • The candidate needs to have have a High School Diploma, can still sit for PMP certification, but experiencne requirements are incresed to 7,500 hours.
  • The candidate need to have 35 contact hours of formal project management Training.

For CAPM Certification:

  • The candidate needs to have Secondary Diploma/ High School Diploma and 1,500 hours of experience on a Project Team.
  • Candidate with Diploma, who has also attended a formal training in Project Management for at least 23 hours, qualify to sit for the CAPM exam.

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  1. Yeah its a good article. According to you what we project managers do is communicating. And a lot of this communication is done during project meetings. It can sometimes feel like you are running from one meeting to another and that your time is often wasted. Meetings don’t start on time, the issues aren’t dealt with, there is no agenda, there is no focus, nobody assigns any follow ups or tasks and of course then they also don’t end on time. An efficient project manager is required for the good management of a project. I think a project manager should PMP certified. Looking forwards to apply what I learned in PMP classes in my company.